Downtown Penthouse Read Details Aspen, CO

This Aspen downtown penthouse reflects the clients’ desire to bring a cosmopolitan lifestyle to the mountains, combining two unfinished apartments into one lavish penthouse. Using highly custom detailing and modern finishes, this project is a true reflection of the clients’ international background. Delicate details reveals accentuate the materiality of inline rift white oak trim that edges each room. Custom cabinetry uniquely integrates everyday appliances with wall paneling through ubiquitous reveals that ensure no surface is left unarticulated. With clean lines and gleaming white marble surfaces, the master bathroom contains a luxurious sauna and access to one of the penthouse’s three outdoor terraces providing breathtaking views of Aspen Mountain and the downtown core. Ample glazing incorporates large amounts of daylight into the home and captures the picturesque views of the surrounding mountains. Four new skylights were added over the living and dining rooms, functionally raising what was an otherwise low ceiling due to zoning regulations. Large sliding glass doors allow the line between inside and outside to dissolve, opening the main living area to the outdoor terrace.